Look beyond threats
and vulnerabilities

Focus on what matters:
Risk to your business

The security industry is broken

Too many products

“Large organizations or enterprises are using over 130 tools on average.”

Matt Chiodi
Chief Security Officer at Palo Alto Networks

Blind to risk

“Just one in three FTSE350 companies has agreed a risk appetite and shared it with relevant staff.”

National Cyber Security Centre

Wasted investment

“About 28 percent of investment in security goes to software that is underutilised or not used at all.”

Osterman Research

A new perspective

The Security Insight Platform uses data science to build a risk-driven, quantifiable view of security.

  • Centralise insights
  • Quantify security risks
  • Clearly understand ROI

SPECIALISTS IN SECURITY DATA SCIENCE Sophisticated Risks require a Sophisticated Solution

Protecting the modern enterprise requires the application of Security Data Science (SDS) – a combination of Security Tradecraft, Data Science and Big Data Technologies. This philosophy defines our strategy, investment and products.