One Platform. Hundreds of Experts. Unlimited Analytics.

Prevalent AI delivers an AI powered Data Fabric that provides an unparalleled level of cyber visibility and control for our client environments​.

Too many tools, rigid solutions, wasted investment. Security technology is broken.

Zero visibility

Too many cyber products increases complexity and reduces visibility of Risk.

Zero control

What works today may not work tomorrow: inflexible proprietary solutions leave organisations with little control.

Zero value

Blind to Risk and lacking control results in high costs, unclear outcomes and low ROI.
Disclaimer — Perhaps zero is a stretch too far, but security technology is nowhere near where it needs to be. That much we can be certain of.

We tackle complex challenges with tailored solutions.

At Prevalent AI, we deliver visibility and control—so organisations can manage Risk with greater precision than ever before. We unify data, build tailored solutions, and provide a single platform to tackle the most complex cyber challenges.

Our Platform.

We leverage sophisticated technology to combine an almost unlimited range of data in one, central location. Rapid, scalable and highly cost effective.

Our Expertise.

We provide a team of expert security data scientists, engineers and analysts to build perfectly tailored solutions—removing the need for our clients to recruit and train expensive, hard to find talent.

Our Analytics.

We bring out-of-the-box Applications ready to solve immediate challenges—or create tailored solutions to tackle almost any security problem (now and in the future).

Our solutions provide visibility and control.

Our Platform, Expertise and Analytics deliver a vast range of solutions for our clients—empowering them to respond to an ever-changing security landscape.
Rooted in Security Data Science
Using the NIST Cybersecurity Framework as a lens, understand how we apply security data science across the cybersecurity functions: Identify, Protect and Detect.

Our clients recognise cyber security is broken.

From to fast-growing tech companies.
Doing things differently
We work with a select number of clients who recognise the need to do things differently—to take control of their cyber Risk and to pursue clarity.

We work with extraordinary people.

Prevalent AI is a home for ambition, curiosity, diversity and exceptional talent. A space to solve problems, crack complexity and pioneer innovative solutions (to name a few). If this sounds up your street, we’d love to hear from you.

Explore our resources.

Navigate articles, whitepapers and thought leadership pieces to learn more about Prevalent AI and the cybersecurity landscape.
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We seek the toughest cyber problems.

Our team of experts thrives when tackling complex cyber challenges. If you have one, we want to hear from you.

Powered by Security Data Science.We provide visibility and control.

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