About Us

We are Prevalent AI. We provide visibility and control.

About us.

In a technology landscape filled with rigid, outmoded solutions, organisations are burdened, unable to move beyond threats and vulnerabilities.
By combining Security Data Science with Cyber Tradecraft, we provide our clients with complete clarity of their security Risk.

Pioneering Security Data Science.

Prevalent AI was founded to assemble the world’s best Security Data Science talent. A team capable of building the security analytics of the future.
What we do
We unify an organisation’s data and provide a single Platform for complete visibility of cyber Risk.
The outcome
Our Experts build client-specific Analytics, delivering solutions that help organisations better respond to their unique threats.

Our mission and purpose.

Cyber security is complex. Threats constantly change and vendors claim to be the silver bullet. Our mission is to simplify security through the application of Security Data Science. We provide our clients with complete clarity of their cyber Risks, allowing them to take control back from attackers.

Led by industry leaders.

Our leadership boasts decades of experience launching and growing security and Risk management solutions for global organisations.
The Board

Paul Stokes

Co-Founder & CEO

Arun Raj

Co-Founder and COO

Sara Mottus

HR Director

Sam Weeks

Head of Client Solutions

Innovating cyber security with ISTARI.

We are a proud member of the ISTARI Collective, a curated network of cyber companies and experts aiming to create a digitally resilient future for businesses. Together, we provide our clients with a holistic suite of capabilities and services to improve their cyber resilience.

Join the thriving Managed Security community.

Learn more about the thriving community facilitating communication and collaboration between Managed Security providers. The MSF and its members work together to produce Managed Security industry-focused research, publications, analysis and more.

We work with extraordinary people.

Join the team solving problems, cracking complexity and pioneering innovative cyber technology. We welcome exceptional applicants from diverse backgrounds.

We seek the toughest cyber problems.

Our team of experts thrives when tackling complex cyber challenges. If you have one, we want to hear from you.

Powered by Security Data Science.We provide visibility and control.

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