Our Analytics

Unlimited Analytics—out-of-the-box, tailored, bespoke.

We bring out-of-the-box Analytics to solve immediate security problems, create tailored solutions to solve specific challenges and pioneer bespoke technology to tackle novel threats.

Remarkably flexible.

Our Analytics come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be tailored to any security problem—old or new.
Pre-built and ready to use, our Analytics are the product of years of experience, and can be deployed at lightning speed.
When specific security problems arise, we take existing assets and tailor them to your needs—without having to start from scratch.
When entirely new security problems emerge, our team of Experts leverages Tradecraft knowledge to design and build an entirely new solution.

We build three layers of analytics.

In order to create an aggregated, consistent and dynamic view of security Risk, we use three incredibly rich layers of Analytics.
Discovery Analytics

We provide a dynamic understanding of your security posture. We identify the devices connected to your network, provide continuous visibility of your users and their privileges, and track how third parties behave on your infrastructure.

Behavioural Analytics

We empower you to continuously identify unusual events or activity: abnormal cloud resource usage, cryptojacking, anomalous asset configuration changes and much more.

Risk Analytics

We quantify cyber Risks and measure control effectiveness, identify which potential cyber project will provide the best reduction in Risk, measure the impact on Risk of that newly deployed tool, and much more.

Fine-tuned Data Science—the best Data Science isn't about building the most complex solution. Its about identifying patterns, understanding behaviours, and deriving insights.

Rules and correlations

We design rules and correlations to join fields, calculate and derive values, and measure thresholds, before finally summarising our insights. Sometimes simple is best.

Mathematical models

We employ statistical and mathematical techniques—measures of central tendency, dispersion, confidence intervals—to analyse the distribution of data, observe patterns and detect outliers.

Machine learning

We engineer machine learning models to understand multidimensional characteristics of data over time. These models help us understand behaviours and patterns, so we can predict and classify future outcomes.

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We seek the toughest cyber problems.

Our team of experts thrives when tackling complex cyber challenges. If you have one, we want to hear from you.

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