Our Expertise

Our experts handle everything you want them to.

We provide our clients with their very own team of expert security data scientists, engineers and analysts, to build perfectly tailored solutions.

Experienced. Proven. Respected.

Our Experts build client-specific solutions that help organisations better identify, understand and respond to cyber Risk.
Leverage our experience
We have unparalleled experience applying analytics to tackle some of the most complex cyber problems—for governments and the world’s largest enterprises.
Stop wasting time finding talent
Expert data science talent combined with specialised security knowledge is hard to find and train. And building sophisticated security solutions requires that talent. We have those people available now.
Don’t squander investment
Building solutions from scratch is expensive. Accelerate your progress by leveraging our broad and deep library of analytics—then have our Experts tune them specifically to your needs.

Prevalent AI.


Hard to find talent must be recruited.

6 Months

The platform must be built.

18 Months

Data parsers must be built and data ingested.

3-6 Months

Analytics and applications need to be built from scratch.

6 Months

Mistakes will be made.

Indefinite delays

Business outcomes not seen.

3 years

Perfecting security Tradecraft.

Our team of Security Analysts understands your requirements before defining your cyber problems.
Our Security Analysts
Our Experts have acquired their Tradecraft through deep experience in a security industry, and apply this skill to understanding your unique environment and the cyber Risks you face.

Transforming Big Data into big value.

Our team of Data Engineers is responsible for ingesting and transforming data—managing the Platform with precision and insight.
Our Data Engineers
Our Experts build data infrastructures, designing pipelines that transform disparate data into flexible, scalable data platforms.

Pioneering Security Data Science.

Our team of Security Data Scientists continuously build and extend analytics, contextualising data and creating powerful visualisations that provide complete clarity.
Our Security Data Scientists
Our Security Data Scientists uniquely combine deep data science expertise with cyber domain knowledge to build analytics and applications that solve the toughest problems.

Our Expertise in action—Understand how our Expertise can be leveraged through this case study.

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The problem
The approach
The outcome

The client

A fast-growing security vendor and managed services provider.

We seek the toughest cyber problems.

Our team of experts thrives when tackling complex cyber challenges. If you have one, we want to hear from you.

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