What we do

Move beyond threats and vulnerabilities. Take control of Risk.

As specialists in security data science, we provide a single platform that unifies an organisation’s data, then build tailored solutions to tackle the toughest cyber problems.

Take control of your cyber technology.

Unify your data
Harness your valuable data and move your organisation beyond threats and vulnerabilities.
Stop solving yesterday's problems
Take control

Our Platform unifies your data.

We leverage sophisticated technology to combine an almost unlimited range of data in a Security Data Fabric​. Rapid, scalable and highly cost effective.

Our Experts build tailored security solutions.

We provide a team of expert security data scientists, engineers and analysts to build perfectly tailored solutions—removing the need for our clients to find and train expensive, hard to find talent.

Our Analytics seamlessly fit your problems.

We bring out-of-the-box solutions, ready to solve immediate challenges—then create tailored solutions to solve specific challenges (now and in the future).

The partnership.
The process. The result.


The Discovery stage is threefold. First, we understand your problem, creating relevant statements. Second, we identify data sources (understanding data relevance, quality and accessibility). Third, we design a tailored solution—creating proven models.


The Deployment stage has four steps. First, we set up the environment, specifically organising pre-production and development. Second, we deploy the platform on the cloud or on premise. Third, we run security integrations before finally getting the team onboarded.


The Ingestion phase of the project is broken down into several stages. Through a multifaceted approach, we acquire, ingest, correlate, normalise and store vast amounts of data—making everything crystal clear and easily accessible.


The final stage consists of Analytics: we create hypotheses and models to solve your most pressing problems (by tailoring existing analytics or by building new, bespoke analytics), before continually evaluating, optimising and extending.

We seek the toughest cyber problems.

Our team of experts thrives when tackling complex cyber challenges. If you have one, we want to hear from you.

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